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We are a group of families desiring a fellowship opportunity which enriches our homeschool while not demanding too much time or attention.


Vineyard Country School is a registered Private School which organizes homeschool fellowship opportunities as well as offers PSP services to interested families.


We are not a co-op, a day school, a church, or your child’s teacher.


Our fellowship is Charlotte Mason inspired and we organize opportunities and plan events that center around this way of learning.


Vineyard County School is located in the Temecula Valley Wine County. The hub of activity is the Henson residence, but our fellowship opportunities will take place in the Temecula/Murrieta area at locations suitable to our purposes.




Read Mrs H’s Family Bio here.



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Table for TeaWe are a small group of families who homeschool. We have found it increasingly difficult to stay true to the call to homeschool while continually being pulled from one class to the next; one activity to the other; one sporting event to the next; or one playdate to the other. So many GOOD things to choose from, but at a cost; the cost of being together, as a family, learning and growing and communicating.

It is our desire to offer a fellowship opportunity which enriches your homeschool and does not demand too much time or attention. We have, therefore, chosen to use the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education as the inspiration for our activities.

We think Charlotte Mason’s “extra-curricular”activities (not considered “extra” in the CM world…but rather essential enrichment) will work well in a group setting and hopefully be positive enrichment for the learning you’re doing at home.  We don’t require or expect those who join to adapt their homeschooling to this methodology, but believe that all will be benefited by the natural learning experience which is the nature of a CM education.

We are embracing the “few but consistent” ideal for our fellowship. We want to offer just enough so that children are able to fellowship and moms are able to gather together regularly, but not so much that you are pulled away from “home” schooling. We are seeking after the joy that comes from Deuteronomy 11:19:”Teach them [God’s Words] to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.”

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girls in flower fieldVineyard Country School exists to meet a need in the Temecula Valley and its surrounding areas for a low-cost, family friendly Homeschool Fellowship option. Vineyard Country School is a registered Private School which provides homeschooling families with social and enrichment opportunities. We are an “out of the box” community of homeschoolers. We desire to educate our children in the way that best suits each individual family and without the oversight of traditional education systems which tend to box us into their methodology and expectations.

Vineyard Country School leans towards a Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling and holds REAL learning in high esteem. Our monthly, quarterly, occasional, and annual fellowship opportunities will aspire to encourage students and families to put the Charlotte Mason approach to education into practice. These enrichment opportunities are intentionally planned to equip families to make home-schooling, LIFE-schooling.


Vineyard Country Homeschool Fellowship (VCHF) began in the fall of 2015 and Vineyard Country School began as a PSP in the fall of 2016.

VCHF looks forward to continuing to meet the needs of the homeschool community by providing intentional fellowship with a purpose.

We also hope to continue to expand our PSP to service other families looking for a low cost and trustworthy option for homeschool record-keeping. Our PSP requires that families be a part of VCHF, and offers, in addition, annual curriculum counseling, record keeping, term parent meetings and an annual promotion/graduation ceremony. As part of our PSP, you do not need to register with a charter or private school, your students are officially enrolled in Vineyard Country School. Vineyard Country School PSP families are required to maintain a membership with HSLDA.

Beyond that, only the Lord knows. If we can expand to include supplemental classes or further academic support we are open to exploring that option as the Lord provides for training and facility.

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paint brushesWe are not a co-op. You will not be asked to teach a class or organize an activity unless you want to. You will not be required to volunteer any pre-determined amount of time to our school or any of the available fellowship opportunities.

We are not a day school. While there may be an occasional offering of classes, it is the responsibility of each individual family to cover the subject matter required by the state of California.

We are not your child’s teacher. It is our desire to come along side families and enrich their homeschool experience, but not to take the place of the God-given authority of parents to educate their children.

We are not a church. We do not seek to take the place of your family involvement in a local body. Our activities will be intentionally planned to support a Charlotte Mason educational program and to support wholesome homeschool fellowship, but we’ll leave it to your congregation to encourage you in discipleship, ministry, and worship.

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child playing in leavesOur program is Charlotte Mason inspired and our goal is to encourage and equip you to successfully educate your children at home using the principles set forth within this educational philosophy. You do not have to homeschool using this philosophy, just be aware that most of our supplemental activities will center around this way of learning.

Below is a brief summary of what we’ll offer as a Homeschool Fellowship:

  • Weekly Lunch & Recess
  • Monthly Nature Days
  • Monthly Mom Culture
  • Fine Arts Fridays
  • Quarterly Recitation Days
  • Family Socials
  • Annual Mom’s Day of Leisure
  • Annual Mom’s Planning Day
  • Annual Handicraft Fair
  • Occasional CM-inspired field trips
  • Occasional CM enrichment projects
  • Summer Book Club for moms

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We are the Henson Family. The Lord joined Kristie and Kylee (then age 6) with Joe and Nathan (then age 6) in a Yours, Mine, and Ours sort of way, back in 1999. Since then, the Lord has blessed us with 7 more children; Raechyl, Andrue, Jordyn, Levi, Caleb, Troy, and Benjamin.

We have been homeschooling since 2000 and have participated in the gamut of homeschool associations, from charters to umbrella schools to paid community programs to independent filing. All have served us well for the time the Lord had us there and we are thankful for the wide-range of opportunities He has provided for us on this homeschooling journey.

As administrator and overseer of our homeschool, Joe has provided support and served as a sounding board and anchor to help me (Kristie) to keep my feet on the ground and have the proper focus when planning and educating the children. He has also taken over a couple of subjects when time and/or mom-resistance dictated it.

As primary teacher and manager of our homeschool, I have invested much time and energy into the study of educational philosophy and practice. I have implemented methods from traditional, classical, unit study, and Charlotte Mason schools of thought in search of the educational philosophy which best suits me and which best fits our family. At the end of all the searching, I have come to realize that what fits us best is REAL-LIFE learning. For us, most of these REAL-LIFE learning methods are found in the Classical and Charlotte Mason philosophies. In our home we use elements of both.

We value books; books written by authors who are passionate and knowledgeable about their subject matter. We value memory work; memory work which is age-appropriate and relevant to the learning at hand. We value God’s Word; we therefore establish a systematic, Bible reading program from the earliest years. We value Creation; we take the time to purposefully study nature and spend meaningful time out of doors. We also spend time studying geography so we can more fully understand the world in which we live. We value life skills; we spend more time learning skills that will serve us for a lifetime and less time cutting & pasting or stringing macaroni noodles. We value communication; we have a systematic way of learning penmanship from printing to cursive, and we take time to read great literature to help us learn to use words well. We also study languages and grammar to aid in communication. We value our place in history; we recognize that God has us here, at this place in history, for His purpose and that we are a part of His big picture timeline. For this reason, we chronicle our studies on an historical timeline. We value education for the sake of education. We do not seek to learn for a standardized test or for a college entrance exam; we seek to learn for knowledge, understanding, and wisdom for our own sake and for His glory.

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Hello, I am Shaina. Kristie and I have been friends for 4 years or so now and are so excited to embark on this adventure of home schooling with you.

I am a mother of 6, married to my darling husband for 12 years in July. When we got together I had 2 children already, and he wanted none. The LORD has blessed our journey in ways that we could have never imagined. He saved us from ourselves in May of 2003 and has been sanctifying us ever since.

This fall will commemorate my 12th year of homeschooling as well.  My children are 21 Corey, 19 Bailey, 13 Emily, 10 Ainsley, 5 Reilley and 2 Libby.  I began homeschooling when Corey entered the 6th grade.  What a novice I was.  I had no idea what I was doing.  So I bought everything I could BJU and went for it.  Didn’t use half of what I bought. Of course!  And each year from there, I changed “program”, curriculum if you will.  Nothing ever seemed to fit our lives.  Corey and Bailey graduated and are now doing very well…however; I want more for the rest of the little ones, I really want them to LOVE learning and make it a life long journey.

So, 3 years ago now, we began to muddle through a classical style of learning.  We joined a program that helped us along a bit, yet still, I was uneasy or dissatisfied with the “learning” or lack thereof going on in our home. (I still feel like a novice at this endeavor).  About 3 mo ago I began to read up on Charlotte Mason.  Talk about a revelation.  This is “it” for our family. I had been praying since Aug of last year for the LORD to show me where to go, what to do.  I have a passion for reading, how can I cultivate this in my girls?  How can I give them a love for learning?  And this is what HE gave me. I will be ever grateful.

I am by no means an expert; I will never say I know what I am doing.  I will however say that HE is faithful and will answer our prayers when we ask in faith!

I look forward to getting to know you as we walk this path of life together in HIS grace and glory.

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Greetings! My name is Mrs. W. My husband and I have 6 children, ages 1.5 to 15. (Brenna, Lenora, Julia, Alea, Micah and Siena). I have been an eager homeschooler for 11 years and even joined a homeschool support group a year before my oldest child was in kindergarten!

Because of my passion for homeschooling, my love of nature (my husband calls me a “Green Valley Girl”), and my respect for great literature, a Charlotte Mason education makes sense for our family. Our schooling has been a combination of Classical and CM. My favorite part of our weeks are doing read alouds, having tea parties, and doing picture studies. Alas, as children get older it becomes more difficult to fit those in with the pressures of more rigorous academics.

Being a part of Vineyard has helped me carve out time for nature studies, and Fine Arts Friday has helped hold me accountable for continuing the study of things that could normally get pushed aside.

I look forward to this upcoming year of fellowship!

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